Horse tattoo mocked as it ‘accidentally’ looks like something very rude

An image of the tattoo was shared on Facebook and was soon mocked as everyone thought that the horse actually looked quite like something rude, and the resemblance is so uncanny it’s hard to believe it was a mistake

An image of a horse tattoo has been mocked online as everyone noticed that it looks rather like a penis – and the likeness is so striking it’s hard to believe it was a mistake.

The tattoo, which is on someone’s left leg, is of a horse’s head, which is drooping down and blurred into a treeline so that its eyes and ears are gone.

Below the treeline is the horse’s mouth, which is split into two parts, and most people who saw the image thought the lower half looked rather like male genitalia.

The image was shared to the Facebook group That’s It, I’m Inkshaming, and people suggested that the tattoo artist may have drawn the penis on purpose – as an insult to the customer.

One Facebook user said: “That’s a penis. I’ve heard tattoo artists tell me themselves that a lot of them slip dirty things into designs to see if they can get away with it. This looks like one of those to me.”

And another added: “This cannot be accidental for the quality of the tattoo and the detail. And that’s actually really f***ing sad and rage-inducing. Someone should really hold that artist responsible. Super not ok.”

While a third wrote: “Yep, that’s definitely a PP lol.”

“I would love a horse tattoo” added a fourth user. “This ain’t it though.”

Meanwhile, an amateur tattooist has gone viral after sharing her first-ever inking – but it didn’t go as planned as people flocked to the video to beg her to not do another one.

TikTok star Sam, @descendantofsalemwitches, dreams of one day becoming a professional tattoo artist – but she might have some way to go.

She recently completed her first tattoo on a real-life person, and unveiled it in a TikTok video that has since gone viral, receiving over five million views.

It also received countless comments, mostly from people urging Sam to quit – saying she should have practised more before committing to tattooing someone.